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Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 12

Working out of the house a lot lately. I don't get to meet a lot of strangers that I can personally surprise with a random act of kindness. So I rely on my cyber friends, that I chat with on Artfire and Etsy, but I can't see their faces, hear their real voice.

Today I went to the fabric store. It is unusual how cold we got here in Texas, so I needed some thick, warm fabric to wrap my dogs in. I know they are on the couch, inside, but they love their blankie. I choose a faux fur fabric, in aubergine color and I needed two blanket size pieces to be cut. Well the lady that helped me out was very old, fragile, she must have been less than  100 lb. Her hands were red, you could see the bones. The  arteries running like river on her arm. She started to cut the heavy fabric, did not said a world of complaint, but I could tell how much her hands were hurting. The thick fabric was very hard to cut through, the scissors were dull , the more she struggled, the more the fabric resisted. I could hardly watch it without feeling discomfort my self. She should be home, crocheting in a comfy big chair, watching her favorite soap. She should have the grandchildren bringing her hot soup,  she should be relaxing, she should be allowed to be her age with grace, she should be.....But she was working, cutting fabric. I asked her to stop cutting, and let me do it. She faintly nodded, did not say much, but I saw a tiny sparkle in her tired eyes. Maybe, just maybe I've made her day. I think I might have.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day 11

I have skipped 2 days. To be perfectly honest with you, I was just going to quit. I though nobody even read this and it is just not working. Then I got a post on here today, that made me teary eyed. It was a kind, but sad remark from someone /day2/ that I've contacted on the second day. A stranger, but a friend, a life that I knew nothing about till today, when she posted on here. I never met you my day two, but I wanted to thank you to bring back the feeling of how great it really feels to do something nice to others. I had no idea, that my small, tiny act will bring a such happiness on a gloomy day. From the deepest part of my soul, I thank you.

I have to make up for the 2 lost days, and I will somehow.
Today I am going to go back to Etsy or Artfire for an other inspiration for the act. I'll keep you posted.....

I found a flood relief fundraiser, that will benefit flood victims in Australia. This was posted by an artist, the event going to take place in mid February. I will post more details about it as I get them
I will donate a handmade product from my Etsy shop to be raffled off.
If you have anything to donate, please do

Queensland Floods


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9

This is a picture of Eric who passed away 14 years ago in a car accident. His parents keeping his memory alive, asking all of us to do more of random acts of kindness.

I decided to write a letter to my parents letting them know how much they mean to me, and how much I love them for helping me through this so called LIFE. Without their guidance I would be lost. The letter is
still to be written, but I will post it when it is done.

Eric, this one is in your memory, beautiful stranger. I know you loved your parents as much as I do love mine. Your beautiful smile and memory will forever live on.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

I have a new idea.... wait I have to come back
OK, I'm back. Can you believe I've got my first comment? This is sooo exiting!

This is what I came up with today, a donation to Gentle Barn.
Anyone out there, when you have time, check out this charity, it is about animals and kids. Two things that give us unconditional love in life. Wouldn't it be great to spread that around a little. /The unconditional love part/

Anyone reading this, please post acts I can use in 2011, there is a long ways to go. 

goodnight ya'll

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

Today I choose a random person on Etsy. I've posted a nice comment about her work.  The feeling I get is nice, fuzzy, warm around the chest area, smile forming on my lips, becoming jelly like,  just feels good all around to be kind

This is her work


The note she wrote me back

Thank you, thank you for your kind message! It made my night! Your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL...and I also love your knit cowls. Congratulations on your success! I hope I get my first Etsy sale soon but it's so hard to get noticed when there's so much art out there. I've had a number of people say my price point is probably too high but the collages take a LOT of time to make and they're completely custom so I don't think they're outrageously priced. Can I get your opinion? I think what I might do is add smaller, more lower priced items ($25-$75 range) so some of the pieces are affordable. Any thoughts or constructive criticism would be appreciated!

Thanks again!!

We love Nancy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

day 6

Hi There Everyone,

I am still under the weather, Brian gave me some medicine, looks like he is getting the flu as well. That is the one thing I did not wanted to give.
I am late starting on my RAOK today. It is 11.33 pm so I've decided I post a nice comment for someone on Facebook that I don't know. Well, heck I have to friend them first..... no time left for that today. So I posted
on April's wall commenting on her smile. She has a great one and a very catchy, infectious  fun laugh! When she laughs
you can't help yourself just laughing with her.
So here we go April, I hope I've made a second of your life a little better

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

I have been sick with the flue for the last week now, yuck. This is a short post, gave some goodies for the less fortunate today.
Will be more detailed tomorrow, I'm going to bed now

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RAOK day 4

I think this article says it all! Pitch in if you can, I choose this for today, it makes my skin crawl just to even think about what this poor dog been through. And you know what, he probably still lick his owner's ugly face.

There is a lots of emotions I had reading this story, from anger to disbelief to and shame. I am angry to know that we as a human race with the most sophisticated thinking tool, can commit such a barbaric act. Disbelief,
that humans can be this cruel to an other living, helpless creature. Shamed that I did not dedicated more effort to help sooner. I will pitch in today and many more days forward.


Help a Puppy Named Firu to Recover!

help a puppy
A 1.5-year-old Boxer/American Bulldog mix named Firu needs your help! He was recently dragged behind his owner's truck and is currently healing from the terrible ordeal. The local Animal Control agency has taken him away from his owner and a woman named Samantha Hodge has graciously agreed to take care of him.
Firu will recover, but he has a long road ahead of him. The vet is going to need a lot of help to make sure that Firu has everything he needs to get well -- and you can provide it.
He is currently staying with Samantha's vet, Dr. Tom Wallrich, and will be put up for adoption when he is ready.
If you would like to help Firu, you can send donations to the vet clinic:
Animal Hospital of East Burke
Dr. Tom Wallrich
c/o Samantha Hodge
202 Eldred St NE
Valdese, NC 28690

Read more: http://ellen.warnerbros.com/ellens_life/ellens_organizations/?adid=menu_ellenslife#ixzz1A5tc1p1B

Monday, January 3, 2011

Number 3 Random acts of kindness


Today I've went to 7 11 to buy a lottery ticket and give it to a random person. As I drive up to park, there is only one car parked, I thought well this makes the choosing the person easy.

 There was a younger guy front of me in the line, already payed, collecting his stuff. While he is doing that I've asked for 3 packs of cigarettes and a lottery ticket. Yes, I am still smoking.
The guy asks me  "aren't you  to young to smoke?"  I'm thinking, this guy totally deserves it! What a sweet guy! By the time I paid he disappears.

I thought OK, I will just go out in the parking lot and find someone there. I saw a guy gasing up his car, a beat up old car, young guy, life so far, has  not been to kind to him by the look of it. I approach him, telling him what I promised myself and handed him the ticket.

 By the way the Mega Million is up to 275 million or more.... Man, what a great thing it would be if he won, that would mean I /little old me/ changed someones life for ever. But how would I ever know even if it happens???

I hope you win Stranger

Buy the way this Karma thing working out great already, today I've got front row parking at Kroger!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

RAOK day 2

Okay, today is Sunday and I did not leave the house, so I'm thinking all day what can I do today. This is what I've decided. I found a very talented artist on Etsy, she is using watercolors to paint dogs, birds and animals. Dogs always been my soft spot, so I've decided to mail her a piece of jewerly that I've made.
I send her a message to ask her address. Now she might think I'm some kind a wacko and wont send her
info, which I totally understand. I will edit this post before the day is over with the developments in the random act of kindness number 2....... Wait for it....wait for it....... wait for it........... She did not reply, so I send the request to an other artist, I can always mail 2  if I get a reply today from the first one. Hmmm, I had no idea that it is going to be this difficult to  be kind to someone.

Okay it is 7:13, I am getting worried

Guess what Gang, I've got e reply with the address, it is 4 minutes till midnight, so I've completed day 2.
I kissed my sleeping husbands forehead about 30 minutes ago, just incase

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Years resolution

My resolution for the new year is one Random Act of Kindness everyday for one year. I will post each day to let you know what I've done for that day. Right now I can not think of 365 random act of kindness, but I'm hoping one will lead to another, and I will learn to think that way even when I'm not trying. I'm hoping after a year this will become a second nature. Please everyone join in and post if you want to do the same.
Wouldn't it be COOL to create a snowball???


I offered my aunt to sit and wait for a delivery in her house, they could not give her a time for the truck to get there. She purchased a brand new washing machine. She declined, saying she arranged it for a Friday when she is working out of her home.
Maybe tomorrow I will have a taker...