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Monday, January 3, 2011

Number 3 Random acts of kindness


Today I've went to 7 11 to buy a lottery ticket and give it to a random person. As I drive up to park, there is only one car parked, I thought well this makes the choosing the person easy.

 There was a younger guy front of me in the line, already payed, collecting his stuff. While he is doing that I've asked for 3 packs of cigarettes and a lottery ticket. Yes, I am still smoking.
The guy asks me  "aren't you  to young to smoke?"  I'm thinking, this guy totally deserves it! What a sweet guy! By the time I paid he disappears.

I thought OK, I will just go out in the parking lot and find someone there. I saw a guy gasing up his car, a beat up old car, young guy, life so far, has  not been to kind to him by the look of it. I approach him, telling him what I promised myself and handed him the ticket.

 By the way the Mega Million is up to 275 million or more.... Man, what a great thing it would be if he won, that would mean I /little old me/ changed someones life for ever. But how would I ever know even if it happens???

I hope you win Stranger

Buy the way this Karma thing working out great already, today I've got front row parking at Kroger!

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