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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day 11

I have skipped 2 days. To be perfectly honest with you, I was just going to quit. I though nobody even read this and it is just not working. Then I got a post on here today, that made me teary eyed. It was a kind, but sad remark from someone /day2/ that I've contacted on the second day. A stranger, but a friend, a life that I knew nothing about till today, when she posted on here. I never met you my day two, but I wanted to thank you to bring back the feeling of how great it really feels to do something nice to others. I had no idea, that my small, tiny act will bring a such happiness on a gloomy day. From the deepest part of my soul, I thank you.

I have to make up for the 2 lost days, and I will somehow.
Today I am going to go back to Etsy or Artfire for an other inspiration for the act. I'll keep you posted.....

I found a flood relief fundraiser, that will benefit flood victims in Australia. This was posted by an artist, the event going to take place in mid February. I will post more details about it as I get them
I will donate a handmade product from my Etsy shop to be raffled off.
If you have anything to donate, please do

Queensland Floods


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