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Sunday, January 2, 2011

RAOK day 2

Okay, today is Sunday and I did not leave the house, so I'm thinking all day what can I do today. This is what I've decided. I found a very talented artist on Etsy, she is using watercolors to paint dogs, birds and animals. Dogs always been my soft spot, so I've decided to mail her a piece of jewerly that I've made.
I send her a message to ask her address. Now she might think I'm some kind a wacko and wont send her
info, which I totally understand. I will edit this post before the day is over with the developments in the random act of kindness number 2....... Wait for it....wait for it....... wait for it........... She did not reply, so I send the request to an other artist, I can always mail 2  if I get a reply today from the first one. Hmmm, I had no idea that it is going to be this difficult to  be kind to someone.

Okay it is 7:13, I am getting worried

Guess what Gang, I've got e reply with the address, it is 4 minutes till midnight, so I've completed day 2.
I kissed my sleeping husbands forehead about 30 minutes ago, just incase


  1. I was the second artist in this story and I don't paint animals but I do paint animal products - as in their wool, fiber and fur (harvested kindly) so that was kind of close to the first person in a crazy sideways related kind of way. I was having a really really BAD day and this wonderful random act of kindness just made my day.

    I received my beautiful sparkly bracelet and its even in my favorite color - browns! I can't tell you how much this lit up a gloomy holiday weekend which was very hard to get through as this was the first holiday season since I lost my husband. I know this is probably all too much information but I just want you to realize how much impact this gesture had and how uncanny the timing was for me.

    Thank you so much for your lovely gift and the effort it took to get it to me.

    I also want to give my best to Eric and his family, my son was also lost in a car accident alnost 13 years ago so I bet they are shooting some hoops together in heaven. I am so sorry for the loss of your son and such a vital part of your life.

  2. My dear friend, thank you for your comment, you have giving me the strength to go on with this crazy idea of mine for the rest of the year.