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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7

Today I choose a random person on Etsy. I've posted a nice comment about her work.  The feeling I get is nice, fuzzy, warm around the chest area, smile forming on my lips, becoming jelly like,  just feels good all around to be kind

This is her work


The note she wrote me back

Thank you, thank you for your kind message! It made my night! Your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL...and I also love your knit cowls. Congratulations on your success! I hope I get my first Etsy sale soon but it's so hard to get noticed when there's so much art out there. I've had a number of people say my price point is probably too high but the collages take a LOT of time to make and they're completely custom so I don't think they're outrageously priced. Can I get your opinion? I think what I might do is add smaller, more lower priced items ($25-$75 range) so some of the pieces are affordable. Any thoughts or constructive criticism would be appreciated!

Thanks again!!

We love Nancy!


  1. that is so sweet of her to write back!! Really helping people out the way you are is going to make you feel really good. Plus good things happen to good people!!!!

  2. Eventually I am hoping for a snowball effect!