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Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 12

Working out of the house a lot lately. I don't get to meet a lot of strangers that I can personally surprise with a random act of kindness. So I rely on my cyber friends, that I chat with on Artfire and Etsy, but I can't see their faces, hear their real voice.

Today I went to the fabric store. It is unusual how cold we got here in Texas, so I needed some thick, warm fabric to wrap my dogs in. I know they are on the couch, inside, but they love their blankie. I choose a faux fur fabric, in aubergine color and I needed two blanket size pieces to be cut. Well the lady that helped me out was very old, fragile, she must have been less than  100 lb. Her hands were red, you could see the bones. The  arteries running like river on her arm. She started to cut the heavy fabric, did not said a world of complaint, but I could tell how much her hands were hurting. The thick fabric was very hard to cut through, the scissors were dull , the more she struggled, the more the fabric resisted. I could hardly watch it without feeling discomfort my self. She should be home, crocheting in a comfy big chair, watching her favorite soap. She should have the grandchildren bringing her hot soup,  she should be relaxing, she should be allowed to be her age with grace, she should be.....But she was working, cutting fabric. I asked her to stop cutting, and let me do it. She faintly nodded, did not say much, but I saw a tiny sparkle in her tired eyes. Maybe, just maybe I've made her day. I think I might have.

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