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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RAOK day 4

I think this article says it all! Pitch in if you can, I choose this for today, it makes my skin crawl just to even think about what this poor dog been through. And you know what, he probably still lick his owner's ugly face.

There is a lots of emotions I had reading this story, from anger to disbelief to and shame. I am angry to know that we as a human race with the most sophisticated thinking tool, can commit such a barbaric act. Disbelief,
that humans can be this cruel to an other living, helpless creature. Shamed that I did not dedicated more effort to help sooner. I will pitch in today and many more days forward.


Help a Puppy Named Firu to Recover!

help a puppy
A 1.5-year-old Boxer/American Bulldog mix named Firu needs your help! He was recently dragged behind his owner's truck and is currently healing from the terrible ordeal. The local Animal Control agency has taken him away from his owner and a woman named Samantha Hodge has graciously agreed to take care of him.
Firu will recover, but he has a long road ahead of him. The vet is going to need a lot of help to make sure that Firu has everything he needs to get well -- and you can provide it.
He is currently staying with Samantha's vet, Dr. Tom Wallrich, and will be put up for adoption when he is ready.
If you would like to help Firu, you can send donations to the vet clinic:
Animal Hospital of East Burke
Dr. Tom Wallrich
c/o Samantha Hodge
202 Eldred St NE
Valdese, NC 28690

Read more: http://ellen.warnerbros.com/ellens_life/ellens_organizations/?adid=menu_ellenslife#ixzz1A5tc1p1B

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