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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

I have a new idea.... wait I have to come back
OK, I'm back. Can you believe I've got my first comment? This is sooo exiting!

This is what I came up with today, a donation to Gentle Barn.
Anyone out there, when you have time, check out this charity, it is about animals and kids. Two things that give us unconditional love in life. Wouldn't it be great to spread that around a little. /The unconditional love part/

Anyone reading this, please post acts I can use in 2011, there is a long ways to go. 

goodnight ya'll


  1. Hand someone $10.00, buy a homeless person a lunch, give flowers, send a card, help someone with yard work. Wow this is hard to come up with something!! You are doing a great thing!!!!!

  2. Spend a day volunteering at an animal rescue centre, give a hungry kitty on the street a treat, help an old lady cross the road, hang out some food for the birds, donate some clothes to a charity shop, give a homeless person a scarf and gloves and a warm cup of tea.

    That should get you started lol, Good Luck!

  3. Poppyseedcats, brilliant ideas, thanks a bunch

  4. Poirier Family

    Thanks so much for you input, it really helps me to continue with this crazy idea of mine, when I know someone out there hekping me along.